Last updated 2020-04-10 15:21:05 PDT.

The Financial Times has a nice COVID-19 dashboard that shows the growth in confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world, including for US states, but I haven’t seen a great version of these charts for Canadian provinces. I borrowed some of the methodology from that page to come up with some Canada-centric charts. Hopefully these will be helpful for some people. The data comes from the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 resource center, which they’ve shared publicly in this GitHub repo.

I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information here, but it should be consistent with what you can find on the Johns Hopkins dashboard. Please send me a message on Twitter if you find anything that seems suspicious.

Current Tally

According to the latest data, as of 2020-04-09 there have been 20,641 confirmed cases reported in Canada, resulting in 502 deaths. Breakdowns by province are below.

Confirmed Cases

Province Most Recent Data Confirmed Cases New Cases Average Daily Growth Rate (Last 7 days)
Alberta 2020-04-09 1,423 50 5.7%
British Columbia 2020-04-09 1,336 45 2.6%
Manitoba 2020-04-09 221 4 4.2%
New Brunswick 2020-04-09 108 3 2.5%
Newfoundland 2020-04-09 232 4 3.5%
Northwest Territories 2020-04-09 5 0 17.9%
Nova Scotia 2020-04-09 342 32 8.6%
Ontario 2020-04-09 5,759 483 11.1%
Prince Edward Island 2020-04-09 25 0 1.9%
Quebec 2020-04-09 10,912 881 10.5%
Saskatchewan 2020-04-09 271 11 4.1%
Yukon 2020-04-09 7 0 2.4%


Province Most Recent Data Total Deaths New Deaths Average Daily Growth Rate (Last 7 days)
Alberta 2020-04-09 29 3 12.7%
British Columbia 2020-04-09 48 5 6.7%
Manitoba 2020-04-09 3 0 21.4%
Newfoundland 2020-04-09 2 1 14.3%
Nova Scotia 2020-04-09 1 0 NA
Ontario 2020-04-09 200 47 21.7%
Quebec 2020-04-09 216 41 31.1%
Saskatchewan 2020-04-09 3 0 0.0%

Confirmed Cases

Confirmed Cases Since The 10th Case

This chart shows the number of confirmed cases in each province, with the number of days since the 10th case on the x-axis. I’ve included New York State and Washington State for comparison, since those are two of the major US outbreaks. The dashed lines indicate how this chart would look if doubling the number of cases took 2, 3, or 4 days.

Growth Rate in Confirmed Cases Since 10th Confirmed Case

This plot shows the daily growth rate of confirmed cases since the 10th confirmed case. We want this to go to zero.

Confirmed Cases Over Time

This chart shows the number of confirmed cases on each date.


Deaths Since 3rd Death

This chart shows the number of deaths since the third date in each province or state.

Deaths Over Time

This shows the number of deaths on each date (min 3 deaths). Note, I am not sure why Quebec dips for a few days, but this is consistent with the data provided by the JHU dashboard.

Country Totals

This chart shows the number of confirmed cases since the tenth confirmed cases in a few selected countries.


The data that I used to produce these charts is below.